Towards 2025: Our plan to create change

Despite progress in breast cancer care over the past decades, gaps and inconsistencies in treatment and care still remain. With these concerns in mind, BCNA has developed a new Policy & Advocacy Strategic Plan, Towards 2025, that aims to address these gaps. Towards 2025 outlines our ambitious yet achievable goals of:

  • reducing the costs for those diagnosed with breast cancer
  • improving equity of access to optimal breast cancer care
  • improving the experiences of living well with and beyond breast cancer.

You can read our Policy & Advocacy Strategic Plan: Towards 2025 online here.

We have started to implement the plan with a focus on the key issues of concern in our advocacy work.

‘This plan will build on our recent successes, such as our advocacy efforts late last year in relation to securing a long-term commitment to telehealth,’ says our Director Policy, Advocacy & Member Support Vicki Durston. ‘This outcome is just one example of how the voice of consumers influences decisions relating to financial burden, equity of access and living well with and beyond breast cancer.’

We will continue to speak up on the issues that are important and impact people affected by breast cancer. Read more about how we are calling for change in the lead-up to the federal election on pages 20 and 21.

How can you help us achieve our Towards 2025 goals?

We are determined to continue to make real progress on these key issues for people affected by breast cancer. But we can’t do it alone.

We want to partner with those who are equally passionate about creating real change and to achieve success with our Strategic Plan: Towards 2025.

Here are some of the ways you can help us extend our reach and impact:

  • Does your organisation or your lived experience align with the goals of Towards 2025? Let’s talk! Email
  • Are you a researcher looking for trained consumer representatives or people who have a lived experience of breast cancer? Email, or find out more on our Information for Researchers webpage.
  • Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer? Consider using your voice for change by joining our Review & Survey Group. You will have the opportunity to choose to participate in surveys, focus groups and clinical trials related to breast cancer. Find out more on page 19.
Issue 90
Autumn 2022