Pink Bun 2022


You can help BCNA continue to be the voice for all Australians affected by breast cancer by supporting our 2022 Pink Bun campaign. For three weeks, from 28 April – 18 May, 100 per cent of the money from every Fun Bun sold will go to BCNA.

This year’s campaign shares the stories of BCNA members Megan, Sam and Nick as they talk about the challenges of a breast cancer diagnosis, and why BCNA’s information and support is so important to them and many others.

Megan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018. She had a double mastectomy and reconstruction, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and is currently on hormone-blocking therapy.

Profoundly Deaf and legally blind, Megan is keen to shine a light on the fact that people with disabilities get breast cancer too. ‘Breast cancer does not discriminate. It can impact anybody.’ Following her diagnosis, she faced many challenges like finding alternative ways to access information and communicate with her medical team.

She says BCNA has been her voice. ‘They provided me with the latest and accurate information. As someone who is Deaf and legally blind, I need access to information in different formats and BCNA has given me that so I can make informed decisions about my breast cancer treatment and beyond.’

Megan says buying a Pink Bun this year has never been more important. ‘People with disabilities and breast cancer need extra support. You can help BCNA be that support for people like me by visiting your local Bakers Delight and purchasing a Fun Bun.’

Sam was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2014 and metastatic breast cancer in 2019.

She says metastatic breast cancer comes with many challenges. ‘The biggest challenge for me was knowing that it’s incurable, and then facing the mental challenge of time and being on medication for the rest of my life.’

She also says there is a common misconception regarding metastatic breast cancer, as you often look well. ‘It’s difficult. When I’m struggling and dealing with pain, if people don’t know I have breast cancer because I look well and have all my hair, people think that I’m fine.’

Stable for a year and a half now, Sam hopes the medication she’s on gives her more time and better quality of life for her and her son.

‘I wouldn’t have access to the medication I am on if BCNA wasn’t advocating for people like me. It’s almost like a guiding angel, you can rest assured that someone is already fighting the fight for you, before you’re even diagnosed. I’m fortunate enough to be one of those who receives the benefits of all the hard work BCNA has already done.’

Nick was diagnosed with breast cancer in April last year. ‘I didn’t know anything about male breast cancer, so my diagnosis came as quite a shock. I thought the lump was from walking into a tree branch while cutting the lawn a couple of weeks earlier.’

Initially, he didn’t want to tell many people that he had breast cancer because it is often seen as a woman’s disease. ‘It was too uncomfortable to say, “I’m a male and I have breast cancer.” It was easier to just say, “I have a lump in my chest.”’

Feeling vulnerable, Nick was grateful to BCNA for connecting him with other males diagnosed with breast cancer. ‘It made me feel like I was not alone which was really reassuring and comforting to me.’

He hopes this year’s Pink Bun campaign will raise more awareness for men diagnosed with breast cancer. ‘Breast cancer doesn’t only affect women. It’s on the increase for men, and supporting BCNA will continue to allow them to provide valuable, targeted resources for other men like me.’

Buy a Pink Fun Bun 6-Pack at your local Bakers Delight between 28 April and 18 May, and 100 per cent of the money will go to BCNA.

You can support this year’s Pink Bun campaign by:

  • Buying a Pink Fun Bun 6-Pack at your local Bakers Delight bakery
  • Hosting a Pink Bun Party with friends, family or colleagues
  • Posting your support on social media using #PinkBunsForBCNA
  • Thanking the team at your local Bakers Delight
Issue 90
Autumn 2022