Baked to perfection – Pink Bun 2021

Only 7 months after our Pink Bun campaign in October 2020, Bakers Delight and its franchisees were ready to go again with Pink Bun in May 2021… and what a campaign it was!

Thanks to the generous support of the community, the Pink Bun campaign raised an incredible $1.48M, up 40 per cent on the 2020 campaign. This number then increased to $1.63M after a generous $150,000 donation by the Gillespie Family Foundation.

We want to thank our amazing Pink Bun ambassadors Sonja and Dipthi who, together with Bakers Delight franchisees Liza and Matt, did an outstanding job as the faces of the campaign, assisting with media opportunities and community events.

Our wonderful Bakers Delight franchisees went the extra mile, making sure there were plenty of Pink Fun Buns to meet demand and donating 100 per cent of sales to BCNA. Our partners Alliance Airlines and Red Energy pitched in to host their own Pink Bun parties, with the Alliance Pink Lady plane even making a special appearance with the Queensland Attorney-General.

And of course, we could not have done it without you, our amazing network, who every year show its support to local Bakers Delight franchisees and the campaign. Thank you!

We are already planning for Pink Bun in May 2022 and hope in the meantime you will continue to support our friends at Bakers Delight, many of whom are small businesses doing it tough in the current environment. If you cannot pop into a local bakery, try sending them a message of support on social media. It is the little things that we can do to make a big difference!

Breast cancer conference offers treatment hope

Renowned international guest speaker, Medical Oncologist and Director of the Breast Oncology Center at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in the United States, Dr Eric Winer presented at our July online conference, Treatment for Breast Cancer – Options and Considerations, which highlighted how far we’ve come, the issues people are facing today, and hope for the future.

Dr Winer provided insights into the advances that have been made in breast cancer treatment and care in the past 20 years, before turning his attention to the future. He predicts that, in the next decade or so, there will be improved personalised treatment approaches, a better balance between treatment and overtreatment, and hope for a cure for some types of metastatic breast cancer through ongoing clinical trials and research.

The conference is relevant to both those with a breast cancer experience and health professionals and is available online. Click here to access the conference on-demand.

Issue 88
Winter 2021