BCT launches digital aspect of neoadjuvant patient decision aid

Breast Cancer Trials (BCT) has recently launched its digital aspect of its Neoadjuvant Patient Decision Aid, allowing people to be able to complete the decision online. The tool was created by an expert team led by medical adviser, researcher and medical oncologist, Dr Nick Zdenkowski, to help women diagnosed with early breast cancer make informed decisions about neoadjuvant therapy.

Neoadjuvant therapy refers to the use of treatments such as chemotherapy, hormone-blocking therapy or targeted therapy (e.g. Herceptin) before breast cancer surgery.

There are a number of reasons why neoadjuvant therapy may be recommended, such as to reduce the size of the tumour for breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy) rather than a mastectomy, to determine how effective systemic therapy (e.g. chemotherapy, targeted therapy or hormone-blocking therapy) is in treating breast cancer, or to allow more time for genetic testing if there is  a strong family history of breast cancer. You can read more about neoadjuvant therapy in a recent article in My Journey.

The decision aid tailors information to each person’s diagnosis, presenting an evidence-based view of the options available. At the end of the guide, users will receive an email summary of your decision to discuss with your treatment team. The Neoadjuvant Patient Decision Aid is available on the BCT website.

Issue 88
Winter 2021