The Pyjama Project

BCNA and Sussan have been proud partners since 2005. In that time we have developed many beautiful gifts, but this year, we’re taking it to a whole new level.

This October, look out for The Pyjama Project, an exclusive collection of unique sleepwear which directly supports BCNA.

The Pyjama Project 2020 features two exclusive designs and prints created by an artist who has been through her own breast cancer diagnosis, Lisa Sewards.

The Pyjama Project Pyjamas

The Pyjama Project 2020 features exclusive designs by Lisa Sewards


The Sussan campaign heroes the real, human faces of breast cancer and the network of friends and family supporting their journey, with Kimmie Jonceski and BCNA Board member, Lisa Montgomery fronting the campaign.

Lisa Montgomery with her family

Lisa Montgomery and her support network


Since her breast cancer diagnosis in 2005, designer and artist Lisa Sewards has been a fervent supporter of BCNA. She began helping and giving back by writing a book to help parents talk honestly with their children about breast cancer. Entitled My Mum has breast cancer, Lisa wrote the story through the eyes of her son Harrison, who was aged six at the time.

The Pyjama Project collection will be available in stores and online from 7 October 2020.

Issue 87
Spring 2020