Paying it forward

Sherone Brown was first diagnosed in 2005 and, after attending a BCNA Forum in Townsville in 2010, took up the challenge to become a BCNA Community Liaison and Consumer Representative.

“I lived through the time when women were mortgaging their homes to raise the money to buy Herceptin and I was well aware of the campaign by BCNA to get that drug onto the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. I was one of the lucky ones, but if it weren’t for BCNA, many women wouldn’t have been able to afford it,” Sherone said.

“I wanted to pay it forward and decided to volunteer for BCNA. I wanted to be one of those people gathering and disseminating the information to members to help BCNA fight for us and what we need.”

“Working as a Consumer Representative has helped me realise the power of our stories and how, together, we can effect great change to help all Australians affected by a breast cancer diagnosis to ensure the journey is better for the next woman diagnosed, and the next.”

BCNA will be running Consumer Representative training throughout 2020. If you are interested in hearing more, please click here.

Issue 86
Autumn 2020