2020 Tax Appeal

Even as we write this, the situation around us is changing. Please help if you can.

As you can imagine, people with breast cancer have more questions and require more professional support than ever over this period and BCNA is responding.

Since March, the BCNA Helpline has been receiving an unprecedented number of calls from people worried about how their breast cancer diagnosis and treatment will be impacted and anxious about their increased risk from coronavirus due to low immunity. Thanks to its partners and donors, BCNA has been able to respond by extending our Helpline hours to include weekends and increasing the number of nurses on the phones. BCNA has also been coordinating daily input from medical advisors to ensure practical, accurate, up-to-date information is available through the My Journey online tool.

We know that being connected to these trusted, free resources is vital, especially at this uncertain time when other services can be difficult to access and things are fast-changing in the health system.
We will continue being here at the end of the phone, providing the most accurate and up-to-date information and connecting people with others who are going through something similar via the online network so that those with a breast cancer diagnosis feel less alone.

Providing extra nurses on our Helpline and working to continually update information as it becomes available is essential but it has put additional strain on BCNA’s resources, so if you can, please consider making a tax deductible donation to help support us now.

You can complete the donation form online.

Together we can connect people so they feel less alone. If there was ever a moment to come together, to show kindness and empathy, to look after our most vulnerable, it is now.

Thank you.

Kirsten Pilatti


Issue 86
Autumn 2020