Help breast cancer research move forward

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and want to give back by contributing to breast cancer research, you may like to join BCNA’s Review & Survey Group.

Review & Survey Group members receive opportunities to participate in all sorts of research, including online surveys, focus groups, clinical trials, and reviewing new breast cancer resources.

There is a need for a range of insights from women and men with early breast cancer, ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and metastatic disease.

Research topics are broad. Past studies have explored travelling for treatment, the integration of exercise into cancer care, and making decisions about employment following a breast cancer diagnosis. There is no obligation to take part in any of the research – you can choose the opportunities that interest you.

After my breast cancer journey I wanted to do something more. Review & Survey Group has given me this chance. It’s easy, I decide what I want to do, and I can do it in my own time. – Margaret

My experiences are used to benefit others, and are therefore not lost. Some of the studies also reaffirm just how much I’ve grown since diagnosis and how well I’ve handled the whole experience. – Karen

If you would like to join, click here. Alternatively you can email or phone 1800 500 258.

Issue 85
Spring 2019