Buy anastrozole or letrozole and help support BCNA at the same time

Australia’s first social enterprise pharmaceutical company, For Benefit Medicines, gives 50 per cent of all profits from its breast cancer medicines to BCNA, with the other 50 per cent supporting Breast Cancer Trials, which undertakes breast cancer research in Australia and New Zealand.

For Benefit Medicines distributes generic versions of anastrozole and letrozole under its FBM brand. If you are happy to use a generic medicine, you can ask your doctor or pharmacist for Anastrozole FBM or Letrozole
FBM and know that all the profits will go to BCNA and Breast Cancer Trials.

BCNA is often asked about the price of FBM medicines compared with other generics. FBM has confirmed that concession patients should pay the same price of around $6.50 for the FBM medicines as for other generics. Pharmacists can discount this price by up to $1.00 – so it may pay to ask for a discount. Standard patients can be charged up to $35.13 for anastrozole and $36.88 for letrozole. Some pharmacies are offering other generics more cheaply than the FBM brand. The pharmacist can, at their discretion, discount the FBM brand to match that price.

All FBM drugs are listed on the PBS and meet the same regulations applied to the original brand for quality, safety and effectiveness.

Issue 85
Spring 2019