Survivorship conference in Melbourne

After all the treatments were completed is when emotionally I fell apart. I felt that everyone was going on with their lives as usual but mine was changed forever, and it wasn’t fair!

Like most women, you probably never expected to get breast cancer. Your diagnosis likely turned your world upside down.

After nearly two decades of listening to women, we understand that the issues you face reach well beyond the initial diagnosis and treatment stages. While the end of treatment may seem like the end of your breast cancer journey to others, you may have found this time brings new challenges.

BCNA is delighted to be hosting a breast cancer survivorship conference in Melbourne next year. The conference will be held on the same weekend as the Field of Women.

The Plan B conference will provide a fantastic opportunity to hear from leading authorities on living well beyond breast cancer, including dealing with fatigue, lymphoedema, the emotional impact, relationship challenges, and much more.

We are pleased to offer financial support to people living outside major cities to attend the conference as part of the Supporting Women in Rural Areas Diagnosed with Breast Cancer program, funded by the Australian Government through Cancer Australia.

Invitations to apply for financial support will be sent by email. Please ensure that BCNA has your email address.

For more information, call 1800 500 258.

Losing bone density is a worry, as it is hard to tell whether it is just a part of ageing or connected to the treatment and medication.

Issue 81
Summer 2017