I’m not hanging on – I’m giving back | PERSONAL STORY

I recently celebrated four years since my diagnosis (hooray!).

All through my treatment, I wrote a blog at positive3neg.wordpress.com. It started as a simple way to record my thoughts and feelings, and turned into a bit of an online resource for other people.

I often reposted to BCNA’s online network. I got lovely feedback from people telling me that what I had written really helped them. Encouraged by the experience, I wrote a book. I had done a lot of research into dealing with the fear of cancer returning and I’d found some techniques that made a huge difference to me. I was sure that the same techniques could benefit others.

I self-published Free From Fear – Living Well After Cancer on Amazon this year. I figured that if the book helped just one other person it would have been worth it.

My first review on Amazon was humbling and I continue to be grateful to the people that let me know the book has helped them. I donate the royalties to various cancer charities.

Sometimes I get asked why I’m still maintaining the blog and sharing information with people going through cancer. There’s a bit of a perception that I should have moved on. I tell these people that I am not hanging on – I’m giving back.

The people that came before me were hugely supportive during treatment. Reading about those that survived triple negative breast cancer inspired my own survival. There was also lots of practical advice – I’m just paying that forward.

I feel that now it’s my turn to help people in the cancer tunnel, to hold a light for them at the other end. I know how much it means to hear someone say, ‘I got here and you can too.’

Meg, NSW



Issue 81
Summer 2017