Thank you David | PERSONAL STORY

In the last issue of The Beacon we included a story from David in Queensland, who shared his perspective of his wife’s diagnosis. We received a number of calls and emails in response to his story, including this email from Donna.

Please pass my thanks to David for his empathetic partner’s story. Such a realistic letter has Thank you David helped me to know I’m not the only person out there trying to explain joint pain to my partner.

My partner is truly caring and we try to pace our walks and holidays to fit around my changed physical state due (I’m sure) to the follow-up medication. I fully encourage my partner to continue with his own longer walks and bike rides.

Pacing is the key to our walks and excursions together.

We mix walking round the city with train rides instead of walking the whole way. Not overdoing it leaves me with less inflammation and more to give on the next day.

I also appreciate the frank comments about sex. Even nearing 70, sex is still an important part of a loving relationship. I find many researchers and writers in breast cancer literature try to brush over the problem with platitudes.

Yes, we are grateful to still be alive, but strongly support research into ways of offsetting the side effects of follow-up medication and also finding new medications that preserve our sexual function.

I will show my partner David’s helpful letter.

Donna, NSW

Issue 80
Spring 2017