Checking in with our Member Groups

This year BCNA is embarking on a review of our wonderful Member Group program. The motivation behind this is to ‘check in’ with as many of the almost 300 groups operating across Australia as possible to see how each is travelling.

During these consultations with the primary and secondary contacts, it is our aim to learn about the group, hear what BCNA is doing well and what we need to improve on. We will also discuss training, look at group numbers and the general ages of group members, and learn about the individual focus of each group and anything else that comes up.

As many of you would know, Member Groups can take on many roles, including:

  • social support through regular informal gatherings
  • proving educational opportunities involving health professionals such as breast care nurses or specialists
  • providing practical support and opportunities for members to take part in a variety of activities
  • informing group members of BCNA’s free resources and services via regular emails and newsletters.

At BCNA, we see Member Groups as a critical and very necessary part of supporting Australians diagnosed with breast cancer. As an organisation, we need to make sure we are equipping all current and future Member Groups with the right information and support, particularly as we progress forward with a greater digital focus.

If you are the primary contact for your group, would like to participate and you have not already been contacted, please email with your best contact details.

Thank you in advance for helping us improve this important area of our organisation.

Wagga Wagga Breast Cancer Group in 2012

Wagga Wagga Breast Cancer Group in 2012

Issue 80
Spring 2017