You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone | PERSONAL STORY

None of us is satisfied with the hair we were born with. We dye it, cut it, straighten it, curl it. We torture it – until the day we lose it. Then we appreciate that it is more than looks that is important. Rather, it keeps our head warm in winter and cool in summer. It stops you getting a sunburnt head. It is the perfect insulation.

When I knew I was going to lose it, I got my hairdresser to shave it off. It was one thing I could control. That was in the cold of August, so I found an old beanie; I wore it day and night. I know I looked daggy, but it kept my head warm and I wasn’t going anywhere.

I also acquired a lovely wig, which was exactly the colour of my (dyed) hair and close to my usual hair style. I got some scarves and started tying them around my head, which was fine. I started wearing my scarves to go out instead of the wig.

It wasn’t just the hair on my head that fell out, it was my eyebrows and eyelashes and other bodily hair. I tried to hide my sparse eyelashes and eyebrows with beauty products, but ultimately I had nothing to work with, so in the end I didn’t bother, and nobody noticed.

Now my hair is growing back, very soft and white – like baby’s hair. Only time will tell how it will end up. Last week I was showing my hair to my daughter and granddaughters. They were stroking it like a kitten. It felt so nice.

I missed my hair, but I think I will appreciate it more and I don’t think I will torture it any more just to keep up appearances.

Glenda, VIC

Woman with short hair smiling


Issue 79
Winter 2017