The positive side of prosthetics | PERSONAL STORY

I had cancer in my left breast. It was quite large and I only wore a B cup, so a left mastectomy was recommended. I thought I could do surgery, chemo and radiation only once, so I asked for a double mastectomy, envisioning my fabulous C cup reconstruction down the track.

The day after surgery, my breast prosthetic consultant came to see me, zipped open her case and said, ‘Well Cath, what size breasts would you like?’ Since then, I pretty much have been hooked.

Thank you Medicare for paying for them – there’s now no reason why any of us can’t have great boobs. I now have a fabulous C/D cup – no need for any more Wonderbras.

Going running without breasts is the best ever – no bouncing and jiggling. The prosthetic pocket in the bra also doubles as emergency cash carry space – very handy if you don’t want to take a handbag.

You can have different sizes for different occasions – small for the gym so they don’t get in the way, large for a lovely dress and big night out, everyday size for work, or nothing at all – surprisingly liberating.

When I get home from work, there is nothing I like better than taking off my breasts and throwing them on the bed, until the next day.

I honestly don’t miss my real breasts. They did their job and fed my baby, but I honestly can say in the two years since surgery I rarely think about it, I just enjoy all the positive things about prosthetics.

My most recent discovery is perhaps the best, I have discovered that my swimming boobs also double as a flotation device. With some trepidation, I went snorkelling for the first time in over 20 years and discovered I couldn’t have drowned even if I wanted to. My breasts provided extra buoyancy, much like a child’s Floaties. I was much better at snorkelling than people 30 years my junior.

Will I have a reconstruction? I doubt it, I have too much choice now and who knows what new discovery I will make next about them.

Cathy, QLD

Lady at the beach wearing a snorkel


Issue 79
Winter 2017