BCNA’s metastatic advocacy manifesto

BCNA’s mission is to ensure all Australians affected by breast cancer receive the very best support, information, treatment and care appropriate to their individual needs. An important part of our work is to ensure that people living with metastatic (secondary) breast cancer have access to services that improve both their quality and length of life.

In March, BCNA held a roundtable meeting with women and men living with metastatic breast cancer to discuss the issues affecting them and how BCNA could help. Key priorities were identified and, along with findings from our 2014 research with people living with metastatic breast cancer and interim findings from our 2017 Member Survey, used to develop an advocacy manifesto on behalf of all Australians living with this disease.
The manifesto includes the following key messages:

  • Metastatic breast cancer is largely misunderstood by the Australian public.
  • We are living with, not dying from, breast cancer.
  • More awareness is needed about information and support resources available.
  • We need accurate metastatic breast cancer statistics, not estimates.
  • The focus on survivorship and cure makes us feel we are the silent minority.
  • The financial impact of our disease is profound and ongoing.
  • More support is needed to help us remain in the workforce.
  • Our disease impacts the whole family – more supports are needed for them.
  • Specific services are needed for young women living with metastatic breast cancer.
  • Hope is always important.
  • BCNA will use this manifesto to inform our advocacy efforts and progress our vision to ensure a better journey for all Australians affected by breast cancer.

Issue 79
Winter 2017