When breast cancer has spread

Hearing that your breast cancer has spread can be devastating. The emotional, practical and medical challenges that follow are different for every person and add to what is already a very challenging diagnosis.

BCNA’s Hope & Hurdles information pack provides detailed information to help you cope with this diagnosis and to make decisions about your treatment, care and wellbeing. It includes information on treatments, managing side effects and looking after yourself emotionally.

There is information specifically for those whose first diagnosis of breast cancer is metastatic breast cancer, for men diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and for young women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

Hope & Hurdles also includes practical tips and advice from others living with metastatic disease to help you live well. A number of optional booklets are designed to provide information that is specific to your type of breast cancer. These include booklets on:

  • the four main sites of metastases (bone, liver, lungs and brain)
  • the three main subtypes of breast cancer (HER2-positive, hormone receptor positive and triple negative).

There is also a booklet with practical advice to help you plan ahead.

Booklets can be ordered with your Hope & Hurdles pack right from the start or later if/when you need them.

What a brilliant read! Not only did I learn a few more things about my cancer, but my husband found it very interesting also. I think it hits the spot. Not too overwhelming and covers lots of medical questions that I know I have had in the past. – Sonia

To order a copy of Hope & Hurdles, visit our website bcna.org.au or call us on 1800 500 258.

BCNA's Hope & Hurdles pack

BCNA’s Hope & Hurdles pack

Issue 78
Autumn 2017