State of the Nation project

BCNA turns 20 in 2018. We are already thinking about how we will celebrate that milestone and look forward to sharing our plans with you later in the year.

Ahead of that anniversary, however, we are undertaking an important project – State of the Nation.

State of the Nation is gathering information about the treatment and care Australians affected by breast cancer receive. We want to know where the gaps are and who is missing out. We’ll compare the different states and territories to find out which are doing well and which need to do better. We will use this information to put pressure on governments and health services to improve their services. We will also be able to see just how far we have come in our 20 years of consumer advocacy.

The project will be led by the voices and experiences of our members. Thank you to those who have already completed our online Member Survey. If you did not complete the survey in February, then you still have a chance. Visit our website,

State of the Nation will provide us with a very clear direction for our future advocacy campaigns, but we cannot do it without you. We need your help to ensure the system works best for everyone affected by breast cancer. As Missy Higgins writes in her ‘Hidden Ones’ song:

‘Cause they made a choice
Not to follow the leader
But use one voice
Shows ordinary people
Can make a really loud noise
When the hidden ones speak up

How can you get involved in State of the Nation?

  1. Complete the online survey at
  2. Look out for a BCNA information forum or consultation in your local area – we will be visiting various locations across the country.
  3. Join the BCNA online network and join in the conversation.
  4. Join our Review & Survey Group to participate in other research projects.
Issue 78
Autumn 2017