How lucky am I? | PERSONAL STORY

Being diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2009, I survived 11 months of surgery and treatment and returned to work a very grateful woman. Since then I have semi-retired and was again diagnosed, this time with metastatic breast cancer in January 2016.

My struggle and fight with cancer continues with the love and support of my loving family. Many a scan, nuclear imaging, infusions and countless blood tests – I’m back on the medical bandwagon.

In 2013, I was fortunate to become a grandmother of a beautiful granddaughter, Aleigha (meaning ‘sublime’). This little treasure in my life has made me appreciate being alive, and being able to see her grow up is very special to me. My wish is for her to have good, joyful memories of her grandmother for the rest of her life.

I wrote the following poem in my journal when I was first diagnosed and it is just as relevant now.

My senses to life revisited – what is important to me

I stop to smell my favourite flowers,
I take a break and listen to the music that I enjoy,
I treasure the scenic beauty of the Blue Mountains where you live,
I always enjoy the taste of the food and wine that lifts your spirits when I’m down,
I look after my sense of mind, body and soul,
I use humour to get me through my toughest moments,
I talk, listen and laugh with my family more often, and
Most of all, I touch, kiss, hold and hug the ones I love.
I appreciate being alive.

Margaret, NSW

Margaret and her granddaughter Aleigha

Margaret and her granddaughter Aleigha


Issue 78
Autumn 2017