Has my cancer progressed?

Feeling anxious and frightened about cancer spreading further (progressing) is common for people who have metastatic breast cancer. Many people worry what will happen if their treatment needs to change or what treatment options will be available to them if their cancer spreads.

Anxiety about adjusting to a new treatment and whether you will be able to keep living well can also create distress. Some people find that this can affect their outlook on life and stop them enjoying a good quality of life.

While metastatic breast cancer may not go away completely, treatment may control it for a long time, sometimes many years. If one treatment stops working, there is usually another to try. New treatments are being developed and tested all the time.

While fear of cancer progressing may never fade, there are ways to manage it. BCNA has developed a series of videos to assist women manage their fear that their breast cancer will progress.

To view Gillian’s story on how she copes with her fears and two leading health professionals sharing their advice for women, visit the BCNA website bcna.org.au, or click on the video below.

Video of Gillian sharing her story

Issue 78
Autumn 2017