Happiness is … giving others hope

Thank you so much for your wonderful, generous support. Your support has helped us to achieve so much in 2016.

  • Delivered 12,839 My Journey Kits
  • Provided a warm voice and support to over 10,000 Australians affected by breast cancer over the phone
  • 9,643 different people accessed the information online
  • Sent 13,790 My Care Kits
  • Worked to add two key drugs to the PBS – Herceptin and Noladex (tamoxifen)
  • Produced a new Fertility-related choices booklet for young women
  • Hosted 12 breast cancer information forums
  • Advocated to have breast MRI screening added to Medicare

Every single day, 48 Australians are diagnosed with breast cancer. We want to make sure these people are as well supported in their journey as possible.

  • $68 Enables free access to our online forum for Australians affected by breast cancer
  • $104 Provides 200 women with resources to explain their breast cancer diagnosis to their children
  • $169 Provides free access to our My Journey Kit for three women recently diagnosed with breast cancer
  • $1,000 Will train volunteers that have been affected by breast cancer to support newly diagnosed Australians

Or, $29 a month will ensure that an Australian newly diagnosed with breast cancer receives the support, resources and a compassionate voice when they call us post diagnosis.

By signing up to make a regular monthly gift, you will know that your support will be ongoing – helping Australians affected by breast cancer today and in the future.

How to donate:

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