Throwing caution to the wind | PERSONAL STORY

“Come on Mum!” shouted my 11-year-old daughter. “I can’t go on by myself!”

Really? Was I really doing this? How could a 51-year-old possibly even think about it? But hey! Life is for living isn’t it? Having no regrets and throwing caution to the wind! Live life to the fullest and go for it!

So we did it together! Marie and I – mother and daughter – making memories! We were about to go on the scariest theme park ride of all – The Giant Drop!

Go back 12 months from that point in our lives. I had just found out I had breast cancer, followed two days later by the sudden death of my beautiful mum. My mastectomy was scheduled two days after her funeral – how could this possibly be happening? Surgery and chemotherapy followed.

After my hair grew back it was time to celebrate again and reward my wonderful husband and two children. Time for a holiday! So off to the Gold Coast we ventured, including a visit to all the theme parks!

Rollercoasters never interested me before, but my daughter is a daredevil. After what she and her 10-year-old brother had been through, how could I not show true bravery after getting through the toughest events of my life? Surely this would be a piece of cake in comparison? And guess what? Now I’m a daredevil too – we went on all the rides together and can’t wait to go back! Life is good and mum would be smiling at us from above.

Jenny, WA

Issue 72
Spring 2015