Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Following a successful campaign in 2014, BCNA will again be acknowledging Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day in October this year.

The history of this day originates from a group of nine determined women with breast cancer in the US who felt passionate about the need to change the fact that metastatic (secondary) breast cancer was rarely mentioned during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. These women believed that what is acknowledged can be changed but what is kept hidden and not discussed will not be changed. In 2009, as a result of their persistent lobbying, the US Government passed a unanimous resolution declaring 13 October as the day that the needs of people with metastatic breast cancer would be promoted to the public and to stakeholders in the breast cancer community. A big part of the US campaign has been to demand more research to find treatment to extend lives.

BCNA is proud to join this international cause and to help Australian women and men who are affected by secondary breast cancer to be better understood, supported and acknowledged and to ensure they do not feel isolated in the celebration of “Pink October.”

We believe the best way we can make a difference this year is by using your stories to reach out to others. On 13 October we plan to officially launch our “2014 Secondary Breast Cancer Member Survey – Final Report”, which highlights the emotional, physical and practical unmet needs of Australian women and men living with secondary breast cancer. We are looking forward to providing more information to you about our plans in the lea

Issue 72
Spring 2015