Riding the highs and lows together | PERSONAL STORY

I never thought I would be riding pillion passenger on a motorcycle with my husband, Paul.

Around Christmas 2008, I was diagnosed with an aggressive triple negative breast cancer. Over eight months we endured three operations, eight cycles of chemotherapy, followed by six weeks of radiotherapy and another stint in hospital with infected radiotherapy burns.

I lost my hair, suffered from constipation and peripheral neuropathy, and put on 10 kg. Paul stood beside me all the way; we cried and laughed together.

To cope with the emotion and stress, Paul decided to get his motorcycle licence. How could I say no? Life is too short. He needed time out.

He would come home from rides, telling me of the sights and smells he was experiencing and how much he thought I would love it.

Twelve months after completing treatment, unbeknown to me, Paul purchased a Suzuki Boulevard cruiser motorcycle. The moment I saw it, I knew 
I was going to get on the back. Our first ride was to Healesville — I have been hooked ever since.

Five years on, cancer-free, we spend our weekends travelling the roads of Victoria, now in style on a Honda Goldwing.

Christine, VIC

Issue 72
Spring 2015