No challenge is too great | PERSONAL STORY

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. After six rounds of chemo and six weeks of radiation, I made it through!

Throughout my journey I had the wonderful support of family and friends. I was determined for this to not take over my life. I continued to walk every day with my best border collie buddy, Milo. Some days were slower and shorter walks than others, but he never seemed to mind.

After finishing radiation in November 2013, I was very keen to go back to gym and become a fitter, healthier me. Slowly I increased my fitness and would walk every day and go to gym. I set my goal to walk the Sussan Women’s Fun Run in December. With the support of a great bunch of friends and my beautiful daughters, I walked the whole 10 km. At the finish line I vowed that I would run the following year. Not being a runner, this was going to be quite a challenge.

The following year brought new hair, new goals and a lifestyle that I loved. I started yoga to help with relaxation and sleep. Again another thing I had never done, but have fallen in love with it and now go twice a week! This journey really does make you reassess your life and the way you want to live it.

The girls at my gym were so encouraging. I embarked on a six-week fitness course in early 2014 at the gym with the goal of becoming fitter and healthier. I was also slowly increasing my walks to runs.

By December I was ready. Again, with the support of beautiful friends I entered the Sussan Womens Fun Run, but this time as a runner. Only 5 km, but I was very excited!

We promised each other that we would stick together and if one had to walk, the others would too. The race was on. We joke that our run was a little more like a shuffle, but who cares! We made it to the end, running all the way. The excitement and joy of running that whole way was amazing. We celebrated with champagne and lots of smiles!

So, if you are travelling on the cancer journey, or if you have finished your treatment and are wondering “Where to next?”, take the time to think about some goals for you. It is such an emotional and physically draining journey, that we sometimes get a little lost. You may not want to run, but think of something that you want for you.

We are the bravest girls around, if we can get through this journey. No challenge is too big!

Melinda, VIC

Issue 72
Spring 2015