Celebrating 10 years with Sussan

BCNA is very proud of our long-term and enduring connections with corporate organisations that are committed to supporting our work.

This year we are celebrating our partnership with Sussan, which began 10 years ago.

During this time, Sussan has raised $1.3 million, which has helped us develop new resources and programs, including our free bilingual booklets for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and whose preferred language is Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Italian or Vietnamese. We are very passionate about helping women from culturally diverse backgrounds and are grateful for Sussan’s support of this program.

Sussan also supports BCNA through:

  • donations from BCNA product sales instore
  • distributing information to customers about BCNA’s resources, including the My Journey Kit
  • fundraising through the Sussan Women’s Fun Run
  • supporting the development of BCNA’s merchandise
  • producing apparel for BCNA’s Community Leaders and volunteers
  • Workplace Giving program with Sussan team members
  • business advice and expertise.

Sussan’s customers play a vital role in our partnership – not only by purchasing BCNA products in store but also by helping to spread the word about BCNA and our work. This helps us reach out to women and their families who need our help.

This October Sussan stores will once again feature a beautiful range of products from which a portion of the proceeds is donated directly to BCNA. Visit a store near your or shop online at www.sussan.com.au.

Issue 72
Spring 2015