BCNA and Fernwood Fitness

BCNA is excited to announce that we are partnering with Fernwood Fitness to improve the health and wellbeing of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Our organisations have a lot in common. Both were founded by women. Both focus on supporting and improving the lives of women, and they have both grown into large networks that span the country.

Diana Williams established her first female-only gym in central Victoria in 1989. Today, there are more than 60 gyms and 68,000 Fernwood members across the country.

Fernwood is offering all BCNA members a fabulous discount off Fernwood memberships where you will not pay a joining fee and you will also receive 15 per cent off memberships. Simply contact your local Fernwood and let them know you are a BCNA member.

Each year the Fernwood Foundation will offer complimentary Certificate III courses to be made available to 10 women diagnosed with breast cancer who are interested in a career as a personal trainer in Fernwood clubs.

We are also very excited that Fernwood will dedicate one month per year to promoting and fundraising for BCNA, where they will:

  • donate all proceeds for that month from the sale of their online program
  • create a pink environment in all clubs
  • host in-club fundraising morning teas
  • hold annual seminars in all clubs
  • dedicate one week for women who have breast cancer to work out for free.

This is a great beginning to what we know will be a long-term partnership that will truly benefit BCNA members. For more information about Fernwood Fitness, visit

BCNA has been working with Fernwood on developing Revitalise with BCNA, a new six-week online program designed specifically for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to help you stay active and well.

The program is for women who have completed active treatment. It provides customised advice from breast cancer experts on healthy eating, exercise, mindfulness, meditation, goal setting and motivation. Medical clearance is required to participate in this program.

You can sign up online from 1 September, with the first round kicking off on Monday 19 October. The program costs $87, which is donated directly to BCNA, and includes a free month’s membership at your local Fernwood. To sign up or find out more, visit

Issue 72
Spring 2015