A celebration of survival | PERSONAL STORY

I never thought I would go skydiving. Skydiving was becoming very popular; a lot of my friends were doing it. My initial thoughts were, “Why jump out of a perfectly good plane?” and, “That’s got to be the last thing I’d ever consider doing! NO WAY!”

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2009; I was lucky. My mum died of breast cancer in 1972 (she was 42 years old) when I was only nine years old. In 2011 my youngest brother died of liver cancer 18 months after my diagnosis. He was only 41 years old.

I couldn’t understand why I survived, when these special people in my life didn’t make it, so the more I heard about skydiving, I started thinking, “If I am meant to live, then maybe I should do more with my life, actually live a little”. So I promised myself that if I survived my 50th birthday I would celebrate it with a skydive. In October 2013 I turned 50. I kept my promise to myself and I’m so glad I did it – (I won’t be doing it again though). It was an amazing experience and very liberating.

Margaret, QLD

Issue 72
Spring 2015